Managed Cybersecurity

Is this your typical day in cybersecurity?

Managing cybersecurity is a global problem affecting organizations of all sizes and verticals. Organizations are struggling to secure their data. IT leaders have ongoing challenges of deploying new, complex technologies and services from multiple vendors.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the skillsets needed to maintain these complex technologies.  Research shows technology as being the leading sector with the most talent turnover. It’s clear clients want more than options to the latest technologies.  They want an extension of their security team to help assess their risk, assist with compliance, provide continuous consultative advice and give them back valuable time in their day.

Daily Challenges

Too Many Tools

Time to Manage

Do you have time to manage all tools and track down all alerts?

Lack of Visibility into Tools

Tool Visibility

Do you have visibility into all these tools?

Incident Response

How to Respond

Do you have time to respond to all the incidents and alerts throughout the day? Which ones are critical?

Constant Recruiting and Retention

Finding Good Talent

It is hard finding and keeping good cybersecurity professionals.

Work From Home Challenges

Securing the Work Computer

How do you secure access to work computers on home networks with non-corporate users such as kids?

Let us become an extention of your cybersecurity team

Single View from Multiple Sources

XDR Interface