Breach Detection Service

XDR Interface

Successful cyber attacks are increasingly showing up in headlines, leaving a wake of financial loss, data loss, negative brand impact and organizational disruption. As a result, industry regulations continue to develop and enforce standards that must best be adhered to.

What is Breach Detection Services (BDS)?

It is the ADi Protect core service offering where we combine state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies along with a 24/7 security operations center.  The mission of this service is to monitor and protect our customers people, processes, and data.  

Why should we consider BDS?

The complexity of managing and protecting the organization’s data, people, and processes poses a challenge to many IT and cybersecurity staffs.   The challenge is that the there are too many tools and not enough staff or hours in the day to manage.    Even if you could deploy your own BDS, it would be cost prohibitive for most organizations.  

What are the key elements of BDS?

  • SIEM (Security Incident and Events Management)
  • Application API
  • MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
  • XDR (Extended Detection and Response)
  • SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)
  • 24/7 Staffed SOC (Security Operations Center)

What are our key features in BDS?

  • PCI, HIPAA, DFARS Compliance enablement
  • Multi-tenant allowing Partners to manage all clients in one screen
  • API Integrations
    • Office 365
    • GSuite
    • AWS
    • OKTA
    • Sophos
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
  • Lateral Movement Detection
  • Virus Detection
  • User behavior analytics
  • Automated threat hunting
  • Windows / Linux Server agents for File Integrity Monitoring
  • 12 months log retention
  • 0 Day file sandboxing
  • Phishing detection
  • Over 30 Curated Machine Learning detections
Can I run BDS along with your MDR Services?

Yes, running MDR services along with the BDS services  lends to greater visibilitiy into the effectiveness of your security poster and maturity.