Continuous Asset Management

The Challenge to Asset Management is: 

Siloed systems: Agent-based tools are only aware of where they are installed. Network tools only see what’s connected. How do you get a single comprehensive view of all your assets?

We have partnered with Sevco to integrate with existing tools and joins otherwise disparate inventory reports to build converged asset inventory in a single, unified view.  We do this on a continuous basis.

Sevco Security

Identify Endpoint Security Gaps

Sevco leverages our unique converged asset inventory to quickly identify the endpoints that are missing the necessary security controls, then flags the devices for remediation.      

Patch Management Verification

With our unique converged asset inventory, Sevco can tell you which machines covered by your patch management solution and which ones are not.   

Publish Inventory to Your CMDB

Sevco pushes clean, comprehensive asset inventory data into the CMDB, immediately making IT operations teams more effective without changes to existing procedures.

Support Your IR Investigations

Sevco generates asset telemetry for inventory and inventory attribute change. These key attributes provide the critical support for your IR investigations and can be published as events into your existing tools such as your SIEM.