Streamlining FedRAMP

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is time-consuming, costly, and can cost contracts and new customers. 

What if you could cut your time-to-compliance by 80%? 

What if you could win more contracts and enter new federal and state government markets?

ADi Protect FedRAMP can accelerate your FedRAMP certification faster and easier.

Traditionally it takes 4-6 months to design and deploy a cloud security environment; add another 8-12 months to configure, customize and document the environment for compliance, and you are well over a year behind the curve. Also, you typically need around ten full-time employees or contractors to manage the environment. With ADi Protect, we can cut your time to 60 days requiring only 1/3 of the employees.

ADi Protect FedRAMP is a complete solution built in AWS GovCloud providing everything you need to achieve FedRAMP and maintain your FedRAMP ATO. ADi Protect FedRAMP includes:

  • Assessment-Ready Environment
  • FedRAMP Documentation  
  • Stack Management
  • Assessment Ready
  • Fully Automated 


With ADi Protect FedRAMP, you get qualified experts, resources, and technology to work around the clock to get your cloud applications secure and compliant in days, not months. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve you solve the complexities of FedRAMP.